About QST Construction Services Ltd

QST Construction Services Ltd is an engineering & infrastructure civil engineering company with more than 30 years’ experience.

Our highly experienced and qualified management team, skilled engineers, and a large range of specialist equipment, we are renown for our high quality work and pioneering solutions, across across many areas including Tensile Anchor Testing Service, Diamond Drilling marine repairs and protective coatings, and fire stopping.

“Diversified experience giving us the ability to provide you with a wide variety of engineering services form complete design through final construction and acceptance”


You will reap the benefits of our experience team of design and construction professionals. Every phase of your project is handled by us, so that we stay with you throughout the process.

Design and Construction

Our design team is backed by over 30 years of on-site experience which ensures that our designs offer high degrees of constructability, meaning that work will be completed cost effectively, quickly with a minimum of costly variations.

Innovative and Technology

We are constantly evolving new technologies and techniques to help support you to bring projects in on time and in budget, whilst ensuring as little on zero impact to the environment or local communities

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