Rebar Protection work using Passive Cathodic Protection and Impressed Current systems

Using specifically designed equipment from Electro-Tech CP systems, QST can offer a new build or refurbishment system designed and installed to suit the needs of the project.

Passive cathodes installed in localised areas of rebar to actively control corrosion in highly chemical or climatic areas such as swimming pools, water treatment works and salt water environments.

QST offers a fully designed and installed system t suit the requirements of the project and required lifespan of the structure through impressed current systems or passive anodes installed to act as a sacrificial element for corrosion.

Applications include:

  • Buried Pipelines (Oil, Gas, Water etc) and pipe networks Storage Tanks/Vessels
  • Process Plant (Cooling water systems)
  • Car Parks, Jetties and piers
  • Jetties and Piers
  • Sheet/Tubular Piling
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Steel Frame Buildings

All systems approved and tested by the manufacturer and installed to all current guidelines.