QST and Trant on the 200 Year Anniversary Episode of Ryde Pier on Country File

QST were approached by the BBC to demonstrate the maintenance work we were carrying out on strengthening the underside of Ryde piers concrete columns.

For the past 5 year QST and Trant have been using a composite carbon and mortar system on the underside of the historic pier on the isle of Wight working to ensure the piers life is prolonged whilst working around the busy timetables Wightlink on a day to day basis ensuring residents of the island are able to travel to the mainland to carryout their day to day lives.

QST were working from dedicated work boats with Matt Baker showing the audience of Countryfile our daily operations and how the system works under Ryde pier. Matt was able to carry out all elements of the strengthening works on a small scale demonstrating the procedures that are carried out by QST.

The pier that stretches out to sea a quarter of a mile is subjected to high winds, a huge tidal range and all elements of extreme weather which as you can imagine has taken it’s toll on the concrete structure over the years. 5 years ago Trant were awarded the contract to renew the entire walkway and road surface and renovate the east elevation of the pier. Since these major works were undertaken QST and Trant have been maintaining the pier ensuring the seas constant attack to the underside of the pier is protected by using the most up to date systems protecting the concrete structure from the elemants for future generations to enjoy.