Island Roads, Esplanade Road, Ventnor

In August 2016 QST carried out the anchoring and stabilisation of the existing terrace wall, including the construction of a new retaining wall.

Due to the constant land movement on the Isle-Of-Wight, Ventnor terraces have experienced some serious geo-structural damage over recent years.

The scope of works for QST was to carry out the de-vegetation work, hand dig and pour concrete into stepped footings for the new retaining wall. Once completed QST drilled twenty-one horizontal 56mm holes, 7.5metres deep at a 10-degree decline. After the drilling was completed QST then Installed Cintec anchor sock with M16 Grip bar system, then inflate with a micro-cementitious grout . This was then left to cure for a period of 7 days. Each anchor was left proud of the existing wall with pattress plates to tie the new wall in with the existing. 75kN pull tests were carried out on the anchors.

A reinforced wire mesh A393 grade was then secured to the anchors.

Using a Monacrete split face stone block system the retaining wall was then built up from the new footings. The mortar joints were completed using Flexcrete Monolevel RM to give added structural stability during the mass pour.

The cavity between the new and existing walls was then mass filled with C30/40 concrete.

Various areas of existing damaged stone walling and brickwork were also repaired on the terraces.