Baku Case Study

A demolition-threatened historic chimney in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku will now be the Centre point of a multi-million-pound new shopping Centre.
QST worked along side Cintec and Rambol engineers Strengthening the chimney.
QST carried out the drilling and installation of the Larger anchors in the chimney up to 24 meters deep.

Working along side Cintec to install the massive socked anchors we were able to structurally support the chimney against the threat of Future earthquakes in Baku.
With the guidance and calculations of Rambol engineers. QST and Cintec were able to drill over 560 meters and install the socked anchor created by Cintec.

This contract was testing to engineers with the small margin for errors with holes up to 24 meters deep with only 70mm clearance at points of the chimney wall.
The client was happy with all teams from QST Cintec and Rambol and this will enable the Country of Azerbaijan to show off it’s historic back ground against there new and amazing buildings being built in the city of Baku